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Do A Clockwise Loop of the Wrists in the Transition

Many mid handicappers really struggle with flipping the club at impact. This means that your right wrist is going from a position of being extended to flexed very rapidly though the impact zone. This really leads to a lot of inconsistency in terms of ball striking because you are pushing the club through the impact zone.

When you bring the club head inside and shallow early in the takeaway it sets your wrist action to be in a counterclockwise loop. A counterclockwise wrist motion is NOT what you see the majority of tour players do - they do the opposite. The vast majority of tour players do the takeaway action so that the weight of the club will set the wrists to move in a clockwise loop through the transition. This shallows the club in the transition and puts them in a position to be able to pull the weight of the club hard and fast through the impact and the wrist angles remain relatively quiet through impact.

So check out how Rob Stanger demonstrates then and then you will see how Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson use this principle in their swings.

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