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Exciting New Benefits For Members This Summer

You are going to see a lot of activity on the south side of the building over the next few weeks as phase 2 of Alta View Golf Club is built. As you can see in the plans below, there will be 2 more private Trackman bays that are 25 feet wide. Each bay will have the same 16 foot wide screens, HD projectors, TVs, music etc. You will have plenty to room for guests like we have on the north side.

The south side will also have a lounge area with some furniture and tables for a spot to hang out with drinks or food before or after your session.

And most importantly, the expansion will add additional benefits for Alta View members this summer!

The Weather is Getting Warm - Should I Keep My Membership In The Summer?

Of course all Alta View members love to play golf outdoors. And with the new bays you have some great new benefits that compliment your outdoor golf schedule.

More Access to Practice and Improve

With 2 more state of the art Trackman bays you get a lot more access to schedule more sessions. The policy will change in the summer to allow for 3 hours of reservations at a time in the system making it easier to book times to work on your game as you prepare for your outdoor events. Warming up at Alta View before a round is a GREAT way to make sure you have your distances and swing feelings dialed in before playing that key match against your golf buddy. On the off chance that you have a bad day, you know you are going to want to see what went wrong with a Trackman practice session and make it better next time.

There is a reason you see Trackman at PGA events!

Alta View Founder Dwain Kinghorn won the Alpine Country Club match play championship last summer in large part based upon using Trackman to practice and warm up before every match. Dwain can tell you about specific shots that came up in the matches that were spot on to what he was practicing with Trackman and what a difference it made.

Reserve 3 or 4 Hour Blocks for Fun Group Play - Day and Night

Many of you love to play with friends and family at all hours of the day and night. With the new bays this summer you can reserve 3 contiguous hours of reservations. Subject to availability, you can make 4 hour block reservations. This will give you a lot more time to play 18 holes with larger groups. So call in UberEats and make an event of it- day or night !


A full month access that you use for group play at Alta View is WAY less expensive than the cost of a single 4-some at many local golf courses. Just ask your buddies to buy the food and you will be the golf party hero all summer long for those late night gatherings.


Reserve Both Bays on the North Side and Host a BIGGER PARTY!

We are all looking forward to gathering again in larger groups as Covid winds down. This summer you can work with Alta View to reserve the ENTIRE north side. Open up the partition doors and host a larger work, friend, or family event with two bays! We can help you setup a tournament or a variety of competitions to make it a memorable group outing.

Use the Trackman Outdoors

Members with monthly passes will have some options to use the Trackman on an outdoor range. More details will be available when the construction is complete.

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