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5 Keys To A Powerful Swing

It's a new year, so it must be time for a new focus on items to improve in your golf game!

Recently I did a trip to St. George and played at Sand Hollow with Nathan Ouimette, one of the coaches here at Alta View. Any of you that have had a chance to watch Nate hit know that he has a powerful athletic swing. So I took some video on the course and have shared them here showcasing 5 key things that I see Natan doing that you can look for in your swing when you look at your swing video with Trackman.

All of these items 5 keys are items that you hear from Rob Stanger and well when he provides a lesson. Both Rob and Nate are great instructors. So if you want to have them give you some great feedback let us know and we can get you setup with a lesson.

  1. Maintain your hip rotation away from the ball

  2. Swing the grip up and left not down the target line

  3. Do a strong weight shift to lead foot before opening the hips

  4. Keep the right (trailing arm) wrist extended through impact

  5. Release the club up and left of the target

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