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You Probably Don't Laterally Shift To the Lead Side Early or Hard Enough In Your Golf Swing

Dr. Tyler Standifird of Utah Valley University has done a LOT of research on the biomechanics of the golf swing. One flaw that that he almost ALWAYS sees when measuring the golf swing of amateur golfers is they are way too late with their lateral force, or shifting to the lead side.

In this video you can see a couple of pro swings from Max Homa and Xander Schauffele and Tyler highlights how well they shift laterally early to the lead leg. Tyler also highlights a great drill that should can do to help train yourself to do this better in your swing - the step drill.

A very common flaw that we see when teaching lessons is that the weight rolls to the outside of the rear foot in the backswing. If this is happening in your swing it is next to impossible to have a proper lateral shift. You need to be creating the ground force to accelerate your body towards to the lead leg by keeping the force on the inside of your trail foot, not rolling the force to the outside of the trail foot.

Try throwing a ball while you are rolling your foot pressure to the outside of the trail leg as you wind up. You probably feel like you can not get any speed behind it! The same is true in the golf swing. If you don't shift laterally early you are leaving speed on the table.

So next time you have a practice session at Alta View, try using the step drill that is discussed in this video. It can be a great help to get you to shift to the lead side earlier as well as with more force.

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