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Challenge Yourself with Difficult Short Game Practice

We've all been there - you have a key shot in a round and the wind in blowing. How will it impact my wedge shot into the green. Or you didn't quite hit the perfect approach shot and now you have short sided yourself and you have to clear a bunker or hazard and you really need to make sure that you get ball on the right section of the green to avoid the double bogey.

You can put yourself into those challenging situations with the Trackman range and practice those types of scenarios. We all know golf is hard out on the course, so use your practice time to simulate some hard shots. My experience has been when you do that over and over then what actually comes up on the course isn't so daunting anymore because you have already simulated and practiced repeatedly for that scenario.

In this short video I show how you can really add difficulty to the short game practice with wind and also how to set yourself up to practice short sided shots over a hazard - just in case that ever comes upon on one of your future rounds. 😃😂

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