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Easy Way to Control Your Wedge Distances - Be Like Dustin Johnson

Everyone knows how critical it is on your shots that are less than 100 yards to really dial in the distance control. If you can control your wedge distances you give yourself that many more chances for a makeable 1 putt and that is a huge element in driving down your handicap.

Clearly one of the great points of feedback you get when you practice with Trackman is to know EXACTLY how far your wedges are going.

Dustin Johnson has commented that he wedge distance control really increased when he started using Trackman.

The thing I needed to improve a lot was distance control. I'd never structured my practices with wedges in mind. I never really knew how far the ball would go with different swings in that 75-to-150-yard range. Literally, I would just guess. I was still fairly decent, but playing completely by feel.
That all changed when I bought a TrackMan and started charting my carry numbers. Once I knew how far I was hitting these clubs, I was able to come up with a system to improve my distance control. - Dustin Johnson From Golf Digest

But how can you make the swing motions that will translate to the course to be able to control it in pressure moments in a round? Rob Stanger provides insight on how to simplify the way that you control distances with your wedges.

To setup a time to get a lesson with Rob just reach out to Alta View and you can learn from someone who has helped a ton of other golfers learn how to control wedges at a championship level.

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