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Increase Club Head Speed in 60 Seconds

Dr. Tyler Standifird, professor of biomechanics at UVU, recently did a session with Rob Stanger to show how just one simple change can increase you club head speed in 60 seconds.

Rob is using feedback from pressure plates to demonstrate that the timing and the magnitude of the force in the lead leg helps to generate more club head speed. Most golfers are too late in applying force to the ground with the lead leg. Many golfers also are not putting near enough force into the ground from the lead leg. Putting the force onto the lead leg early and with a lot of force is a key to help you get more speed in your swing as you will see in the details of the video.

Alta View is offering lessons that includes using these pressure plates. Just send us a message to our email or call Alta View at 801-823-3402 and we will coordinate with you on the details so you can get this same level of great feedback in your swing.

We have more details on using ground pressure with Dr. Standifird on our Alta View Video Library. Click here see what is in the library and start a 7 day free subscription. Use coupon code AVG50 and it is only $10 for the first month.

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