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Learn How To Master Wedge Distance Control

One important element to lowering your handicap is being able to accurately control the distance of your wedges. If you have a 50, 60, 75 yard shot to the pin and you can control the distance with precision you give yourself that many more 1 putt opportunities. But how can you learn to reliably hit 50 vs 60 vs 75 vs 85 yards on a wedge shot on demand?

In this video of a lesson with Rob Stanger, Mike Smith learns how to leverage body rotation speed to control wedge distances. A key point that Rob teaches is that you want to have the same shape of your swing on every shot. This means you can control wedge distances simply by changing the speed of body rotation and not the mechanics of your swing.

When you think about it, body rotation speed is just one simple variable to control. It is a lot easier than trying to change the details of how far you take the club back or adjust grip or stance for each different distance. You will also find that mastering the different rotational speeds of your body with all of your wedges will give you a number of very discrete yardages. That will give you confidence that you can stick that wedge shot when you play from 40 yards up to the full pitching wedge shot.

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Click on the picture below to see the video.

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