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One Key You Must See When You Practice For Spine Angle Maintenance

I have done hundreds and hundreds of demos for new members at Alta View Golf and there is one key that really separates people that have consistent ball striking and those that struggle. What is the key? Spine angle maintenance!

Don't believe me? Here is legendary golfer Tom Watson taking about how maintaining the spine angle is the "secret to the golf swing".

It sounds so easy, but biomechanically how do you do it? Coach Nathan Ouimette really does a great job in maintaining his spine angle in his swing. In this training video Nate and I discuss how using you internal and external obliques as opposed to hip rotators really simplifies biomechanically how you maintain the spine posture and tilt. You have to learn to use the proper muscles to maintain your spine tilt!

Look at this cover photo and see how the tilt on Nate's spine is effectively the same at setup through post impact from the down the line perspective. Not only does this help with better impact it is also good for the back. When you change the tilt of the spine or you bend the spine during the swing you add additional stress on your back and that can lead to injury.

When you practice at Alta View Golf, make sure you periodically check your down the line spine tilt. Draw a line that is parallel to the tilt of your trunk and that same line should be parallel to your spine throughout the swing until well post impact.

A really really common mistake is that the pelvis extends early out towards the ball and that makes the spine much more upright than it was at setup and that makes it very very hard to have consistent impact. If you see your spine become more vertical you need to change how you rotate! You are using the wrong muscles.

So kill two birds with one stone - get better impact and protect your back when you learn to maintain your spine angle in your golf swing.

Getting a lesson with one of our fantastic coaches will really help you on your journey to do this better.

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