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See How 6"10" NBA Player Stops Early Extension

It's hard to miss Mike Smith when he is at Alta View. The 6'10" Utah Jazz broadcaster played in the NBA with the Celtics and Clippers. Mike loves the game of golf and has been working with Rob Stanger to improve his game. You can learn more about Mike from his web site.

Like a lot of golfers, Mike has a swing flaw of early hip extension. In this video you can see how Rob helped him rotate better and help stop the early extension. The training from Rob generated some great shots in this practice session. I have had the chance to play with Mike at Alpine Country Club after this training and what you see him learn in this lesson translates to some great shots on the course.

So next time you tune in to a Jazz broadcast, keep and eye out for Mike as he does his pre and post game analysis in the studio. You can ask yourself if Mike is thinking about his golf swing when he is off the air during commercial breaks. 😂😂

Mike is also a subscriber to the Alta View video training library - check out the content that is there to help you improve your game like Mike.

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