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Setting Up The Mobile App for Scheduling a Time at Alta View

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Once you have a membership, you can schedule a time at Alta View from the Book Online link on the Alta View Golf website. You can also setup times with a mobile application. You must login to the mobile application with the SAME EMAIL AND PASSWORD that have your payment details that you used to create your subscription on the website.

Here are the steps to install and setup the mobile application


1- Download an app called Spaces: Follow Businesses from the Apple or Google App Store. This is the companion app for the Alta View Golf web site.


2- Start the Spaces application and select the "Got and invite code?" link at the bottom of the screen.


3 - Type in 96Y9DK as the invite code.


4 - Select the Join button to join Alta View Golf CLub mobile experience.


5 - You must now login to the application USING THE SAME EMAIL AND PASSWORD that you have on


6 - Type in your email address and the password to use for WIX.

YOU MUST USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDESS THAT YOU USED TO CREATE YOU ACCOUNT ON ALTAVIEWGOLF.COM in order for your payment information to be recognized to be able to book a time.


7- From the main page the home button will show current announcements and has the contact details for Alta View Golf.


8- To create a time select the Book a Time tab and select the book button.


9- Select the Date and then east side bay or west side bay and then the time that you want to reserve. You will then see a screen where you can book a time.

If the application does not have a BOOK button after you select a time it means the email and password login ID you have used does not have a current active subscription plan associated with it.


10 - To see you reservations or to be able to cancel a booking select the user icon on the lower right on the screen and look at My Bookings. Once you select a booking under my bookings you will see what bay you are on and you can also cancel a booking.

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