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Great Drill To Help Train Your Wrists

In prior blog articles we have made a lot of references to maintaining some extension (bend knuckles back) in the trail wrist to have better contact at impact. In this video we show you a simple drill that you can use next time you practice that will help you feel the proper motion.

When you hold the golf shaft with a split grip like a hickey stick, it helps you see how you move your arms to be able to maintain wrist extension in the trail side wrist though the impact zone. You cannot flip the clip with a split handed grip. Once you move the club though the impact zone a few times with a split grip try to keep the same feeling as you take your normal grip.

Feel is not real and you need to use video to check to make sure that you maintain some wrist extension. Look at your face on video in Trackman Performance Studio to check your wrist motion. If will be beneficial to practice this at a pitching level speed with a wedge vs full speed with a longer shafted club. In addition to the trail side wrist extension, you should see forward shaft lean at impact in the face on view.

Coach Nate Ouimette uses this drill with a number of his students - just send us a message if you would like to setup a free swing review with Nate.

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