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How to Align the ball to the Center of the Screen in Trackman Virtual Golf

When you play virtual golf on Trackman here is the process to align the screen so that the virtual ball is on the center of the screen.

While you are playing virtual golf do the following:

  1. Hit the windows key on the keyboard to bring up the Windows taskbar.

  2. On the windows taskbar select the orange TPS icon on the taskbar. This brings the Trackman Performance Studio software to be the foreground application on Windows.

  3. In Trackman Performance Studio click on the the TRACKMAN text at the bottom of the Track Performance Studio software screen.

  4. After selecting the TRACKMAN text, Trackman Performance Studio displays a screen that has Aim target/change Virtual Golf Offset options. Select the change Virtual Golf Offset and put the ball into the center of the screen. Select continue.

  5. Hit the windows key on the windows taskbar select the perfect engine icon (the trackman virtual golf process ) to go back to the virtual golf game. The golf ball in he virtual golf game should now be aligned to the center of the screen.

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