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How To Hit Chip Shots From The Rough

Have you ever wondered how to hit a chip shot that lands softly on the green when the ball is in green side rough? Have you ever bladed the ball across the green? Or perhaps when chipping from the rough have you had the club head get get stuck in the grass and the ball goes nowhere? These green side chips from the rough can really mess up your scorecard if you don't use the proper technique.

In this video, Nathan Ouimette shows how to hit the perfect chip shot from the rough. When you look at the video you can see just how stable his hands are through impact. The body rotation is pulling the arms and hands and club through, and he is NOT flipping the club head with the wrists. Using a lot of wrist action is a real death move when you have a finesse shot from deep grass.

So check out how you can master this shot. You can get a lesson from Nathan as well - just call or text us at 801-823-4302 and we can get you all setup.

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