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Learn How Collegiate Golfer Abbey Porter Trains for Speed at Alta View

There are some great college golfers that practice at Alta View, and Abbey Porter is one of them. She is one of the top golfers on her college team and she won 3 state titles at Lone Peak. She is hitting the ball as far as she ever has through the speed training that she does at Alta View Golf.

If you want to have more speed in your golf swing this year then you should work on these same things. Get used to swinging the club as fast as you can.

Just display one metric on the trackman screen - club head speed! Do a series of swings where you literally don't care about where the ball goes, you just want more club head speed. This will acclimate your body to feel going faster and over time data shows that this will boost the speed on your "normal" swing.

We can offer some specific lessons that discuss the Speed Stick protocols as well as what to do while you are in at Alta View Golf during your sessions. Coach Nathan Ouimette can swing the driver over 125 MPH as we have shown in some prior videos. So learn to do the same things that Abbey does and boost you speed this winter as you train by getting some speed training lessons.

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