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Learn How Setup Makes All The Difference For An All Pro NFL Player

Chad Lewis used to play in the NFL where he was an all pro tight end multiple times. He recently came in for a lesson with Rob Stanger and dramatically improved his game in just one lesson from Rob. You can see in the video just how excited Chad is to move from hitting weak fades to pure draws.

You have probably heard it before, but you need to have your grip and posture and ball position all working together in your setup to be able to freely rotate through impact and hit those pure baby draws. In the video from the lesson, you can learn how just a few key insights from Rob really made a lot of difference for Chad and they will help you as well.

Some keys that you will see discussed are how the ball position at setup can help or hurt your ability to turn through the shot. Your grip and tension level in the elbows also have a lot to do with how stable your club face will be at impact. When you properly place the ball with a proper grip and elbow motion you can freely rotate through impact for terrific ball striking.

As I spoke with Chad after his lesson he highlighted how improving at golf requires the same types of things he used to become an elite professional NFL athlete. You need quality coaching, you study video of what you should be doing vs what you actually do, and you practice drills to engrain in the proper motions and make the motions automatic. That is what lessons at Alta View are all about.

Of course Rob is available to help you with your swing as well. Just give us a call/text at 801-823-4302 and we will get you setup to get feedback from someone with 25+ years of coaching experience.

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