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Look for Trends When Using Trackman

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Recently I went to meet with Barry Schenk while I was in St George, Utah. Barry owns Golf Logics, a Trackman practice studio in St. George. I went in to have a Trackman session with Barry to see how he uses Trackman when teaching.

Right out of the gate he highlighted one way that he suggests people setup Trackman Performance Studio to look for trends in the face angle and club path. Given the importance of club path and the face angle relative to the path at impact on ball flight, he likes to have people always look at the club path number in the shot history. It just sets your mindset to be looking for patterns when you look at the screen.

Get into a mindset when you practice to be aware of the pattens that you see in the numbers and then you can know what areas of focus make sense for you.

So check out his quick suggestions in the video below and see what pattern you may want to look for when you have a practice session.

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