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Proper Wrist Hinge Is Magic For Impact

If you have every listened to Rob Stanger give a lesson you probably have heard him use the term "hinge the wrist" many times. Proper extension of the trail side wrist will really help you have better contact.

When you have wrist extension at impact it is much easier to have a lower dynamic loft/forward shaft lean. Also it helps ensure the low point of your swing will be after the ball.

In this video Rob takes a 54 degree wedge and you see that the dynamic loft is 37 degrees. Try this yourself - can you get a sand wedge to have much less than 40 degrees of dynamic loft.

You should always make sure that you see a negative attack angle for every club other than the driver and that the low point is AFTER the ball. Proper wrist positions make this negative angle of attack possible. Good ball strikes will have the low point 2-4 inches after the ball - never before the ball. Turn on that metric as well when you practice to see how you are doing.

In this video Rob shows as easy drill you can work on when you practice. Do a smaller backswing when you work on this drill. Really focus on ensuring that you hinge the trail side wrist and maintain it through impact.

The best players in the world use coaches - you can probably benefit from using one too! Reach out to us to setup a time with Rob.

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