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You Need More Tilt

When you look closely at tour level swings you see that there is a lot of shoulder tilt that you see from a down the line video just after impact when the back in perpendicular to the camera. How much? You should see around 55 degrees or so if you want to have the same posture as you see in just about and PGA tour swing.

Here you see Adam Scott who has around 57 degrees of shoulder tile right after impact.

To be clear - tilting is different from bending the back. Proper tilting is done using the hips, not via bending the spinal column. Look at the cover phot of the video - you see how Tommy Fleetwood has the pelvis and hips in a position that allows deep right side tilt while still having a stable back to support the back rotation.

In this video we do a lesson with Jake to help him understand how to feel and actually have more right side tilt coming into impact and you will see how this helps him have better ball striking.

Following up with Jake after this lesson he reported that has shot multiple rounds at or below par. Better right side tilt really helped him have better impact conditions.

We are now offering a new online swing review service to go along with face to face lessons. To learn more about how we can review your swings all through the month check out the swing review home page.

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